How to Remove Pizza from Oven Rack?

When we get tired of restaurant-made pizzas, we try baking them ourselves to give our inner chef a chance. However, both you and your inner chef must know that baking a pizza requires you to pre-heat the oven from 400 to 500 degrees for a perfect texture.

Whether baking the pizza from scratch or baking a frozen pizza instead, you must carefully take care of the process to avoid any burns.

Now you may wonder how to remove pizza from the oven rack so that both your pizza and your hands are in good condition. Do not worry at all! For you, we have uncovered the step-by-step process of removing pizza from the oven rack with utmost perfection.

Things Required for Removing Pizza from Oven Rack

  • Heat Resistant Spoon/Spatula
  • Oven Mitts
  • Flat baking pan, pizza peel, or a cutting board

How to Remove Pizza from Oven Rack: Step by Step Guide

To save yourself from any oven burns and get the pizza out of the oven smoothly, read and follow the steps that we have explained in detail below:

Step 1: Taking Care of the Heat

One of the first concerns during any baking process is avoiding heat. Thereby, make sure you turn the oven off after hearing the beep, indicating that the pizza is done.

Wait for the pizza to cool down a bit. Afterward, get ready to feel a wave of hot air when you open the oven door.

Step 2: Using the Oven Mitts

Grab a pair of oven mittens for the second step, or consider using potholders. Whether you are using mittens or potholders, check to see if they have any holes. Additionally, make sure they are fully dry.

This step is essential for avoiding any steam burns because the air inside the oven stays very hot even after you shut it down.

Step 3: Taking the Pizza Out

Finally, after the oven door has been opened, get a hold of the oven rack with your mitten-worn hands. Do not go straight for the pizza tray or stone if you use any. Instead, hold the pizza rack and pull it closer towards you and a little outside the oven, that way, you would not have to get too close to the oven’s inside.

However, if you are using a pizza pan to get the baking done, you can always remove the pan from inside the oven at first and then take the pizza off after it is outside.

Additionally, many people prefer using a pizza peel to get the job done; some alternate it with cutting boards or baking sheets.

  • With a Pizza Peel

If you are baking your pizza on a baking stone or have placed it directly on the oven, it is comparatively easier to use a pizza peel or paddle to take the pizza out.

The design of the pizza peel with its narrow front edge and flat structure aids in simply sliding it under the corners of your pizza.

When the pizza peel has been placed under the hot pizza, make sure to use a heat-resistant spatula to push the pizza towards the peel properly, then get the pizza out quickly.

  • Without a Pizza Peel

In an instance where you do not have a pizza peel, it is suggested that you go ahead and use the same method we discussed in the ‘With a Peel’ section. But this time, you use a baking sheet or even a cutting board instead.

To explain, you will have to put the cutting board or baking sheet on the front side of the oven and push it towards the edge using a spoon or spatula. Keep pushing until your pizza is properly out of the oven.

There you go! That’s pretty much everything you need to know when removing pizza from the oven rack.

Tips to Consider When Removing Pizza from Oven Rack

Now that you are aware of the procedures, let’s take a look at some precautions and tips that would come in handy in times of need.

  • Before you cut or serve the pizza, please let it cool down for a brief yet necessary amount of time, maybe 4-7 minutes or so accordingly. That way, the crust would have the perfect fried texture, the cheese would not be too drippy, and the toppings would not be too hot to burn your mouth.
  • If you, unfortunately, become subject to experience oven burns, you must act smartly and fast. First, pour cold water on the injured area and keep pouring until the burning sensation fades a bit. Then, use a clean piece of fabric to keep it covered.
  • You can try using petroleum jelly on the burn after it stings less, but do not apply non-prescribed or unknown ointments or even toothpaste without knowing the severity of the burn. Check-in with a doctor if the pain is unbearable with redness of the burned area.
  • Many people make the mistake of leaving leftover food out at room temperature, which in turn leads to food-borne diseases in them. Thus, we would advise you to always wrap any remaining pizza with food wrapping paper or foil for safety and hygiene. Then, consider putting the wrapped slice in some Tupperware and keeping it in the refrigerator.

The Bottom Line

We hope we’re able to guide you through the step-by-step process of how to remove pizza from oven rack.

Pizza baking is a fun process if you are making it from scratch. It lets you engage with your family or friends during the weekends. Baking a frozen pizza is a time-saving option; you get the pizza from the packet and bake it fresh.

However, following precautions and the right tools is essential when you take the pizza out. Happy pizza baking!

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