Can You Put a Rubber Handle Pan in the Oven?

Exposing any material to the oven is extremely crucial as not everything is safe. The use of rubber and plastic has increased remarkably in our modern kitchen equipment.

And for baking or cooking, the oven has created a special place not only in the cooking industry but also in our homes.

The obvious question that might arise in your mind is, “can you put a rubber handle pan in the oven?” 

Here, the answer is a bit tricky. We cannot answer this with just one “yes” or one “no”. There are so many factors that will determine if it is feasible or not.

To give you the proper knowledge, we have prepared a detailed article on this topic. Let’s break this down for you.

Ovens for Your Home

There are many types of ovens. But not all of them are convenient for your home. Before buying your oven, you must think about its functionality and size. When it comes to purchasing an oven for your home, we have shared our recommendation.

In a microwave oven, cooking meals in large portions is not possible. Heating up a meal or cooking a tiny bit is more convenient in a microwave oven.

Moreover, if we talk about the pan with a rubber handle, it will not fit inside the microwave. But yes, you can put plastic cookware that is microwave-safe inside a microwave oven.

In addition, steam ovens come at a higher price than convection ovens. While cooking in a steam oven, you can decrease the amount of oil in your food. 

And, the multifunctional oven has numerous functions such as grill, steam, microwave, and many more.

Among all of them, convection ovens are the most practical ones for home use. In a convection oven, you can grill, roast, bake, heat up leftovers, and use them for any type of cooking.

It circulates the hot air more evenly, so it doesn’t leave any heat spots on your food and cooks evenly. Cooking is way faster and easier with this type of oven. 

And as for conventional ovens, they don’t have any fans to circulate the hot air, but they do have two heating sources that help cook the food.

Though conventional ovens have a dedicated fan base, convection ovens are ruling the market right now.

Is It Safe or Not?

As far as safety and food quality are concerned, many companies claim that their product is oven-proven by having rubber handles in it.

But inside the oven, the temperature can rise to 450 degrees Celsius, so we don’t find it safe to cook in a pan with a rubber handle.

Rubber has a melting point of 260-316 degrees Celsius. So, cooking with less heat can be safe enough for a pan with a rubber handle. 

Rubber and plastics are very harmful to health. If it gets to the point of melting, then it is extremely hazardous to your health. Your food is rendered non-edible by the fumes that are created by exposure to heat. 

But if you have no option left and you have to use a pan with a rubber handle, then you can use a hack. And that is, take a wet towel and cover the handle with the wet towel.

Then wrap it in aluminum foil and place it in the oven. As long as your towel stays wet, it is okay. But if it gets really dry really quickly, the rubber will start melting. Therefore, you have to be extra cautious while performing this hack. 

Which Pans Are Safe to Use in the Oven?

In the modern art of making food, skillets come in very handy when you want to waste fewer pots while cooking.

You can do half your work on the stove and let the rest be done in the oven with just one pot used. That is why choosing a multipurpose pan is important. 

The alternatives you have got are as follows:

  • Cast iron skillets
  • Stainless steel skillets
  • Non-stich pans

Cast Iron Skillets

We use skillets for making steak, roasting chicken and veggies, and whatnot. The most popular ones are the cast-iron skillets.

Cast iron is safe for the oven. It catches the heat very fast and helps cook in less time. And you can get the perfect browning on your food as well. 

Stainless Steel Skillets

Besides these traditional cast iron skillets, there are stainless steel skillets and non-stick skillets.

Stainless steel skillets are a good alternative to heavy cast-iron skillets. It is rustproof, cooks evenly, and is easier to clean.

Non-Stick Pans

There are two types of non-stick pans available on the market. One is made with an aluminum body and has Teflon layers on top.

And the other one is also built with an aluminum body and a few layers of PTFE. PTFE is a non-stick polymer that is considered to be safer than Teflon. 

Teflon can give you a non-stick experience while cooking, but it has some problems too. The layer of Teflon is not that long-lasting.

It can be easily removed if you use a metal spatula or spoon to stir your food. Furthermore, it produces harmful fumes while burning at high heat.

So, we would strongly discourage you from using a Teflon-based non-stick inside your oven. 

Moreover, you can still use PTFE-based non-stick pans for cooking in the oven. 

Another thing that you should avoid doing is putting a pan with a wooden handle on it. Not all wooden handles are safe for the oven. Make a proper inquiry before putting a wooden handle inside the oven. 

Most importantly, check the product information before using any product. 


When we prepare food for our loved ones, we emphasize more on safety and nutrition. As a result, anything that could cause an accident or harm to one’s health should be avoided in all circumstances.

So, we believe you now know the solution to your question, “can you put a rubber handle pan in the oven?” 

Cook your favorite meal in the safe pans and spend the day with your loved ones without any fear.

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