Can You Put a Wooden Cutting Board in the Oven?

Kitchen cutting boards are one of the handiest appliances in terms of kitchenware. They are made of wood or plastic and are used to cut food items such as vegetables, meat, and other things.

Apart from their regular use, wooden cutting boards are somewhat versatile. They can also be used to carry hot bowls or warm food without any hassle, simply because wooden planks can resist heat to some extent.

If it is really capable of withstanding heat, can you put a wooden cutting board in the oven? Well, this is a debate where people show different opinions. In this article, we will let you know whether the wooden planks are suitable for preheated ovens and microwave ovens.

Can You Put a Wooden Cutting Board in the Oven?

The truth is, we cannot turn down the possibilities right away. You can get wooden boards of different quality; the hardwearing ones are capable of withstanding heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, so these can be used inside an oven in some circumstances. 

Whereas, if you get a board made with poor craftsmanship and comprises low-quality wood, then there is a high possibility that the board will get warped even under 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

A clear answer to your question is that wooden cutting boards can be put inside an oven only if you maintain a certain temperature, for example, keeping it checked within 350°F. Exceeding the threshold, such as 450°F, will cause fire hazard because wood combusts at this particular temperature.

Keep in mind that if you wash the wooden cutting board with concentrated cleaning solutions, it can take a toll on the overall appearance of the material; therefore, the oven temperature can cause some damage.

It is advised that, no matter what, you must always look out for the temperature setting if you plan to put a wooden board inside the oven.

Treating Wooden Cutting Board in an Oven

This might sound new to you, but many people around the world have been disinfecting their wooden chopping block inside an oven. Surprised? Don’t be!

Heat can kill bacteria; therefore, if you place a wood slate in an oven for half a minute or even one, the circulating heat can terminate all bacteria from the cutting board.

You have to know that some wood variants can start to char between 248-304°F and start to lose their functionality before you know it. Popping the temp too high over 450°F can result in fire. As long as you keep the temperature controlled at a safe level, the oven can be a good place to disinfect cutting boards.

Wooden Cutting Board and Different Kinds of Oven

You’ve already got the answer to whether it is safe to put a cutting board inside the oven or not. How about the adjustment of wooden boards in a microwave and conventional ovens? Let’s check out what might happen if you own these.

Electrical Oven

Preheat ovens are widely used around the world, and many people have been using wooden planks inside electric ovens to prepare their food.

It is somewhat safe, but preheated ovens can sometimes peak at 450°F when hot, so there is a risk of fire hazards when we are dealing with wood materials inside the oven.

Just like we mentioned, you have to be on your toes to make sure the temperature doesn’t go overboard, and it should not exceed 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Microwave Oven

You should know that different materials will act differently when inside a microwave. Even woods will have varying outcomes when put in a microwave. Wood materials have some kind of moisture that helps to keep their shape and form.

Inside a microwave, the moisture wicks out fairly easily, and you cannot even notice it happening. So, there is a chance of severe damage, like cracking or warping, even before you realize what’s happening.

Microwaves work differently than conventional electric units and can be unpredictable. So, it is best not to put a cutting board inside the microwave, but if you still plan to do so, please make sure you check the heating temperature and the wood condition by turning off the oven if needed. 

Things to Look out for Before You Place a Wooden Cutting Board in the Oven

We say it’s better to keep wooden boards away from oven heat. There are chances that the crafty utensils get worn out in different ways; they can start to deform, char, or even burn.

If you need to use the oven and have no other option instead of a wooden cutting board to place your food on, then we advise you to be on your toes. The heat within the oven can go haywire and exceed the burning temperature of the wood. So, always be cautious of potential damage that can happen at any time.

While Disinfecting Wooden Boards

Heating a wooden board is a very common way to kill bacteria from the surface. If you want to disinfect your wooden cutting board, then make sure you always keep the temperature below 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Going over it will hinder the wood’s tolerance and damage it soon enough.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals to Wash Woods

If you wash the wood with an abrasive solution, there is a chance that the plank will get dry and lose moisture. Without moisture inside, it is destined to burn out quickly. So chemical-washed wood should not be put inside an oven.

Know Wood’s Burning Temperature

If you are working with wood, you must know its burning temperature before you place it inside an oven. Inside an oven, a temperature surpassing 450°F is known to start the charring process of the wood. That being said, anything above 350 degrees can start wood deformation.

You will find different kinds of oven variations in the market, and each functions differently. Therefore, you should know the basics of using it and learn about maintaining the temperature setting below the stated limit above.

Board Quality

Low-graded wood can be more intolerant to heat than top-notch wood products. For example, Mahogany and Maple woods are extremely durable in hot conditions as they are known as high-end woods, whereas softwood lumber might not even withstand minor heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can wooden cutting boards catch fire?

Yes, wood is flammable, and boards are likely to catch fire if the temperature in the oven surpasses 350°F. When it goes above the mentioned limit, the wood will start to impair and slowly start to burn.

Can I put a hot pan on a wooden cutting board?

It is safe to carry hot food and pans on a wooden board, but make sure to let the pan or bowl cool down a bit if it has been cooked over 350 degrees Fahrenheit before you place it on the wooden cutting board.

Can I buy a heat-resistant wooden cutting board?

You can certainly buy a high-quality board made of hardwood like Maple, Oak, and others, but they all have a burning point. So, no matter the quality of the material, if you put them in an oven and blast it over 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the wood utensil might not last.

Final Verdict

Some people use wooden boards to heat their food inside an oven without knowing the consequences. This is why we came up with this article, answering a frequently asked question like, can you put a wooden cutting board in the oven?

The short answer is that it is viable but not recommended because there could be a potential fire hazard and safety issues. Next time you plan to slide a wood board inside a heater, remember the discussion we had above.

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