How to Clean a Krups Coffee Grinder

Whether you are a veteran coffee lover or just a beginner, The enthusiastic coffee lover knows how important it is to maintain Coffee grinders regularly to preserves the best flavor of the coffee.  To ensure proper safety, Make sure to unplug the device from electricity before starting the cleaning grinder device.

Our below article will help you to learn more about some best practices to keep your Grinder clean.

Why Krups Coffee appliances is special?

Krups corporation has a special line of R&D on coffee appliances such as Coffee makers, Coffee Grinders etc. Origin in Germany Krups has become one of the reliable household names throughout the globe. They were renowned for producing high-precision scales. Presently their dedicated R&D Team produces more than 250 new small home appliances to market every year. That’s why Krups has become the world leader in Small Domestic Equipment and leading technologies for your lifestyle. Moreover, they have a passion for Coffee and their grinders are time saving and flavor enriching than others.

We have a review article on the best coffee grinders, if you are interested you can read it.

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Types of Grinders – Blade grinder vs Burr grinder: What is the difference?

Let us shed some light on Grinders types. Firstly, the Blade grinder consists of metal blades, spin rapidly that chops coffee beans. Blade grinders are good for basic use and they are inexpensive too. Though, the grinding quality of the beans may not be consistent, consequently affect brew quality in the Blade grinder. On the other hand, Burr grinders are more consistent in grinding beans and provide a consistent ground of coffee beans with the expected taste of coffee. That’s because the Burr grinder runs with a grinding wheel at the bottom of the chamber. There are two types of Burr grinder – wheel Burrs Grinder & Conical Burr Grinder. If you look for affordability and conveniences you may go for Blade grinders but if you consider quality brew coffee with evenly grind coffee, Burr grinders should be your priority.

Why Is It Necessary to Clean Your Krups Coffee Grinder?

If you are a regular user of the Krups coffee grinder and perceived that the grinder is not performing well & not grinding coffee beans as quickly as it should, you may consider a thorough cleanup of your Grinder. Moreover, cleaning your coffee grinder regularly is essential to get the best taste of coffee as well as the efficiency of the machine.

You may also think of a close checkup of your grinder, if it seems, your coffee is not appropriately ground with the device and oily coffee residue clogs the device, which may cause the beans to ground too coarsely and slowly.

Signs That It’s Time to clean your Grinder

As part of maintaining your kitchen, you should clean your Coffee grinding machines regularly every week, minimum 2/3 times recommended, Though there are some common signs that your grinder needs special treatments:

If you see excessive coffee residual and particles remains inside the machine due to frequent use of the machine & you may have overlooked the cleaning procedure for a while or you were too busy to clean.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Clean Your Grinder

Coffee Grinder cleaning materials

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Make sure to unplug the coffee grinder device before cleaning it. Keep dry the coffee grinder, the power cord and the plug when you are planning to clean it. Never use detergents, scouring pads to clean the appliance.


Get a new, dry paintbrush to brush out the residue of the grinder. Do not put water or any kind of solution while you are brushing it. Make sure you sweep all coffee particles out from the device.

Damp paper towel

You can also use a damp paper towel to clean off the coffee oils.

Dry Rice

Occasionally, you may use Dry rice to clean the grinder. As dry rice will work to absorb the oily residue from the grinder machine. For that, Put a small amount of dry rice (Say 30 grams), grind it for 30/45 seconds then dump the powder in a waste bin.

Though, many users and brands claim that using rice is not the best practice.   

Flat metal utensils, Wooden toothpicks, or Cotton buds

Metal or Wood utensils, Toothpicks, or Cotton buds help you to reach difficult places inside the grinder. Though you may not require these always until you see stubborn particles clogged inside the device. If you wish these professional kits also help.

Grinder cleaning Tablets or pallets

 There are many professional Grinder cleaning Tablets or pallets available in the market while you need a deep clean or professional clean of your device that removes coffee particles and oils. But for light clean, you may not always require these.

User Manual

Most people may overlook it but you just need to read instructions from the user manual of the manufacturers. In case you lose the paper manual you may check the website for the same. User manuals ensure and explain best practices to maintain the machine and claim warranty with due diligence.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the advantage of Grinding Coffee?

If you are a passionate coffee lover with coffee taste and flavor you must Grind coffee just before using it.

How long can I store the Ground coffee?

Ground coffee rapidly loses its taste, in room temperature, you may store it for up to 1 week with airtight & nontransparent containers and you may put the container in a dry, less humid place.

Can I Grind anything else other than Coffee in Grinder Machine?

You can grind Spices, Nuts, and Whole grains. But We recommend, Enthusiastic coffee lovers should use the Grinder exclusively for Coffee beans.

Where is the best place to keep Coffee beans?

Air & Moisture are the main reason affect the quality of coffee. In the worst case, the taste of the coffee may become bitter, tasteless, and stale. So always store the Coffee beans in a clean, Moisture free space with air tight nontransparent containers.

Final thoughts

Our team has reviewed all the available and easy options that cost you nothing to maintain your Krups Coffee Grinder, if you wish you can follow any options above & available at your hand as per your convenience. Above all, it is important to make your grinder last long, save your valuable time & money and serve you the best ground coffee with the utmost effectiveness of the machine. 

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