De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet Review

You may be aware that De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet has received many positive reviews for its impressive features and satisfied customers based around the world. Moreover, this heavy-duty single skillet can help you prepare Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner in no time with juicy and perfect taste with even heat distribution mechanism.

From our below article, you will know why it became one of the best electric skillets you must have among your indoor kitchen appliances.  Hope this De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet review will guide you a bit more for purchasing decisions.

Material & Design

This Aluminum made, non-stick finished surfaced skillet has an external surface of 19-inch length, 12-inch width, and 8-inch height robust design. Embedded base heating elements of this electric cooking pan distribute heat evenly for the best result in a very small span of time. This mechanism ensures heat evenly inside the skillet to avoid any overly hot or cold spot inside the skillet. On the other hand, efficient stem evaporation of the food content ensured through adjustable vent holes design.

De’Longhi BG45 has a detachable adjustable thermostat that allows you to cook with temperature control and recipe recommended heating with your exact heating preference.

 Moreover, the Large cooking surface of the electric frypan, tempered glass lid & Heat resistant cool touch handles ensure your cooking experience is more convenient in the kitchen while you are cooking for your friends or big family.

The tempered glass cover lets you see how your dinner is progressing!

All these features make the skillet the most efficient one among other available brands with evenly heated juicy food and impressive cooking time.

Cooking recommendation

As we already said this heavy-duty electric skillet is very convenient for making foods for large numbers of family members and individual that holds a lot of food at a time and it is suitable for making breakfast, lunch, dinner or any special occasions even it can be used in a buffet for a large number of people. Our cooking recommendation includes frying bacon, fried chicken, French toast, Ham, Pork chops, Beef Steaks, Sausage, sandwiches, Burgers, Grilled cheese, etc. Also, this electric skillet is highly recommended for baking pancakes, Browning, Stewing, Braising & Roasting. The higher sides of the skillet are great for stews or stir fry.

We would suggest you check the duration of approximate cooking time in minutes.  

Washing Recommendation

This is an excellent easy to clean skillet and dishwasher safe appliance with a nonstick surface, you can also hand wash the pan and glass lid with hot soapy water or a sponge and then rinse thoroughly and dry the skillet.

Let us discuss some Pros & Cons of the skillet to check the quick features:


♦️ Embedded base heating elements of this electric cooking pan distributes heat evenly while cooking thus avoid any overly hot or cold spot inside the skillet

♦️ Take less time to cook which is a great time saver.

♦️ De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet is a large, sturdy, and heavy-duty pan for a big family. It can contain large numbers of food with its huge surface.

♦️ Adjustable vent or Lid knob with vent can use to precisely adjust and control the knob as per your recipe convenience.

♦️ Detachable Thermostat lets you adjust the temperature for various types of recipes & cooking such as Frying, Stewing, Baking & Roasting, etc.

♦️ Large cooking surface of the pan with 19”x12”x8” dimension can contain and hold a lot of food for your Dinner, Lunch or Breakfast. Moreover, it’s easy to mix stuff without spilling it all over the counter.

♦️ Tempered glass cover lets you see how your food is progressing and heat loss is minimized as you do not need to remove the cover while cooking.

♦️ Die cast aluminum body made to withstand the highest operating temperatures

♦️ Nonstick surface ensures quick & easy to clean features.

♦️ The skillet is dishwasher safe.


♦️ Some users report that nonstick coating is not as durable as it should. So, you have to be more careful with the coating while washing it, and you should not scrub the surface, use a sponge instead. As per manufacturer guidelines, soaking the pan for more than two hours may damage the nonstick finish.

♦️ Though it has heat resistant handles, be extra cautious not to accidentally touch the pan-wall during cooking.

♦️ Some users also report regarding the size of the skillet as it’s heavy to handle even without the casserole.  


Finally, we can say that De’Longhi BG45 is a perfect skillet with heating elements for evenly heated cooking, a large cooking surface to make a meal for the whole family and an aesthetic design with tempered glass lid & heat resistant cool touch handles makes the product most desirable, which reflects from users feedback and rating in Amazon.

We hope our above De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet review will give you enough insight and you may understand it’s worthy investment cookware with such a convenient, impressive & satisfied customer base all around the globe. We would suggest this will be a nice addition to the cooking appliances in your kitchen.

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