How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan – Expert Tips & Tricks

When the weather is balmy, and the moon hangs low across the horizon, know that it’s about time we throw a nice, moderate gathering with close friends and family. To add up an extra point, including BBQ or the perfect golden-brown look to your plate, always get your party the bling it needs.

Seasoning veggies, bacon, steak, or all sorts of meat can be time-consuming if one doesn’t consider buying proper tools. Speaking of which, a cast iron grill pan wins the game. 

Now, what is a cast iron grill pan? How to clean cast iron grill pan? I read your mind, didn’t I? A cast-iron grill pan is a super heat-resistant pan that allows you to have your food quality-cooked.

To have all your questions answered, you have landed at the right place. Let’s get into the details.

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Cast Iron Grill Pan Product Description

The pan’s searing heat ensures the proper amount of heat given to the meat without burning it. Even surface and smooth finish allow heat to be distributed equally across the pan. The double-sided griddle and grill is always a better option if you like your grill in cold weather.

Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid
Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid

Smooth cast-iron griddle on the one hand and thick slatted grill on the other, this pan never disappoints you. The easy-to-use grill has a premium cast iron, which ensures lifetime quality cooking. The pan can be used on any surface, be it gas, electric, oven, broiler, or even fire pit. Its versatility has no end.

However, how to clean cast iron grill pan is the biggest concern for most people. To extend the cast iron pan’s life, proper care is necessary, which will be discussed shortly.

Steps of using a cast iron grill pan

Prepare the pan

Before getting started with the pan, you just purchased, make sure you wash, rinse, and dry it properly. Keep the pan on medium heat for five to ten minutes. Pre-heating is done to ensure the pan is heated sufficiently well before you begin to place the food on it.

Cut thin slices

For a thorough cook-through guide, make sure to cut thin slices of your food. It helps in even cooking and prevents your food from having a burnt bottom and raw core. Hence, getting it all sliced up is a better option.


Make sure to use oil, which has a significantly high smoking point i.e., peanut oil. Also, instead of greasing the surface of the pan, apply oil on the food.

Place the food

Place the food on the pre-heated pan with the help of tongs. Using tongs is always a safe choice and prevents accidental burns. When making large pieces of steaks, place with a distance of 0.5 inches between each piece.


To add extra flavor and spice, paprika and smoked salt is the best choice for you. Moreover, add soy sauce, fish sauce, or hot sauce for the extra spiced-up meal.

Backcountry Cast Iron Medium Square Grill Pan
Backcountry Cast Iron Medium Square Grill Pan

Use the lid

Cast iron grill pans come with a lid. If not, be sure to purchase one. Using a lid significantly adds up to the taste and quality of the food. After you are done adding the spices, cover the top, and absorb the spices well.


It is important to know the cooking time and temperature of your food needs. For instance:

  • Chicken grilling time: 165F ( 74C)
  • Groud meat grilling time: 160F (71 C)
  • Beef/lamb grilling time: 145F (63C)
  • Shellfish grilling time: 145F (63 C)

How to Clean Cast Iron Grill Pan

how to clean cast iron grill pan
Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid
  • Clean the pan right away after using it. Don’t leave the pan soaking in the sink for a long period as it results in rust.
  • Clean the pan with a stiff round brush or a sponge. Use hot water while washing and rubbing the surface of the pan. Don’t use soap or dishwasher as it strips off the pan’s seasoning.
  • Dry the pan thoroughly with a towel or put the pan on low heat to eliminate stubborn water droplets.
  • Slightly oil the surface, and it retains the performance of the pan.
  • Keep it in a dry place.
How to clean cast iron grill pan


Q- What is the best way to clean a grill pan?
A- Add hot water in the pan and rub its surface with a stiff circular brush. Don’t use the dishwasher as it removes the pan’s seasoning, which results in burnt food.

Q- How do you get the rust off a cast iron grill pan?
A- Put some baking soda on the pan and rub it with a raw potato to get rid of the rust. Also, you can use steel wool for rubbing the pan’s base. Either way, it works like magic.

Q- Which is the best way to use a cast iron grill pan?
A- Preheat the pan, brush the food’s bottom with oil. Read the time details according to the choice of meat. Cover the pan with a lid. Flip the meat when the desired time is done.

Q- Is cleaning a cast iron grill pan that much easier?
A- How to clean cast iron grill pan is not a question anymore. Cleaning cast iron pan is the same as cleaning any other grill pan.

Q- Is there any cleaning hack of burnt cast iron pan?
A- A burnt cast iron pan can be cleaned by soaking it in hot water for not more than 10 minutes. Drain the water and rub the surface with a brush or sponge. This way, the burnt layer scrubbing becomes a lot easier.

Q- Can vinegar be the best solution in cast iron saucepans cleaning?
A- Vinegar can be mixed with water and soaked in for 10 minutes. Any leftover food particles or burnt layers will come off by rubbing the surface.

Q- Can we cook everything in cast iron grill pans?
A- This is where the question comes: How to clean a cast iron grill pan. It’s wise not to use eggs, garlic, or any strong-flavored food, leaving its residue on the pan for a longer time. Eggs and fish might get stuck to the surface, making it quite a hassle to clean the pan. 

Q- Should you spray cast iron skillet with Pam?
Pam or any other non-stick sprays should not be used on grill pans. Non-stick sprays include harmful ingredients that aren’t good for the pan’s durability and long usage. Also, it’s not a good choice to begin your food with.

Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Square Griddle Grill Pan
Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Square Griddle Grill Pan


Cast iron grill pan is a game-changer when it comes to making a delicious grill. 

How to clean cast iron grill pan can be the main concern to most people. However, not anymore. With few easy steps, the cast iron grill pan issue can be solved within no time. Hence, purchasing this kitchenware is worth your money.

Cuisine Stuff wish you a good luck!

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