The 10 Best Cheese Knife Sets for Hard and Soft Cheeses in 2021

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Well, who doesn’t love cheese? The flavor of cheese brings in dishes makes it an invaluable dairy product of the kitchen. Whether you are making pizza, quesadilla, ravioli, nachos, lasagna, fondue, or the most favorite cheesecake – cheese is present in your life every day, everywhere. So, you did not feel that you need the best cheese knife for your kitchen!

But as much as we think about the cheese-which one to buy, which one will taste better & so on, do we give even 1% of that thought about cheese knives? Well, as much as you want to enjoy delicious foods made with cheese, you will need the best cheese knife to slice your cheese smoothly & perfectly to make your work easier & make your enjoyment prolonged. A good set of cheese knives will make your cooking with cheese easier than ever & also give you a good experience while you cook.

But as always these products pose the same question to our face – which one to buy? There are a whole lot of knives out there, some steel, some plastic, some for cutting soft cheese, while the others are for cutting hard ones – each and everyone with some different feature than the others.

So, it’s understandable if you think about which one you should buy. Well, that’s why we are here, as always. Take a tour with us in this article as we discuss what features the best cheese knife should offer, what should you look for & most importantly, what is the best cheese knife in the current market for you to choose.

Top 10 Best Cheese Knife Sets Available in The Market

1. Hammer Stahl Serrated Cheese Knife – Best hard and soft cheese knife

This Hammer Stahl product made from the finest Serrated German forged steel gives you the assurance of working like any German machinery should do – Perfect. It is forged and tempered to precise specifications and provides superior edge and durability. It provides a comfortable grip with its Beautiful Pakkawood Handle.

The Quad tang design along with the 20-degree cutting angle & also the fine serrations ensures that you can slice your cheese nicely.

  • Made from the finest German forged steel.
  • Serrated edge with Pakkawood handle
  • Versatile for both soft and hard cheese
  • Beautiful & comfortable grip with Pakkawood Handle.
  • Durable & Carbon stainless steel
  • Not as sharp as you’d like them to be & also not completely non-stick.

2. LUNAR Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knife Set – Best Stainless steel cheese knives set

This is a complete 6-piece collection that includes 4 cheese knives, 1 cheese fork, and 1 cheese spreader meaning you have everything you need to process your cheese & cook delicious foods with them.

All the types of equipment are made from the finest stainless steel. The fine polished & brushed handles give you a comfortable grip along with a sense of elegance. Also, the simplicity of the pieces of equipment ensures that they are user friendly for everyone from amateurs to chefs.

The whole set is ell-packed hence they are gift-ready. 90 days return option & warranty is available from the manufacturer.

  • Made from premium stainless steel.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to use for everyone.
  • Comfortable grip with fine polished & brushed handle that also glimmers elegance.
  • Gift ready packaging with premium gift box for your friends & family.
  • Hand-wash only.

3. CUTCO Model 1764 Traditional Cheese Knives – Best Traditional stainless steel cheese knives set

This is coming from a long line of products from CUTCO. It is made with top-class stainless steel.  Its unique Micro-D serrated edge with serrated body ensures that you can both soft & hard cheese with ease & without any stickiness. 

The Kraton handle of this knife offers you a comfortable grip & balance. And it’s multi-functional which means you can cut your normal veggies & fruits with it too which slightly justifies its high price but not quite well.

CUTCO offers Forever Guarantee with free sharpening and replacement forever with this knife.

  • Made with top class stainless steel.
  • Completely non-stick.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Best for cheese slicer.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Gift ready packaging.
  • Way expensive than the others.

4. Baikai Cheese Desert Knives – Best Breakfast cheese knife

It comes as a set of 4 with a cheese knife, butter knife, sandwich spreaders included in the set. The whole set comes in many different colors so that you can add a vibrant touch to your kitchen. Also, it is one of the cheapest products available despite coming as a set. 

They are thick & sturdy which ensures that they are durable. They are very easy to clean which adds to the list of handy features.

  • Sturdy, Durable & Rust proof.
  • Available at a very low price.
  • Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe.
  • Convenient, easy grip for slicing and spreading.
  • Too small for comfortable use.

5. Winco Double Handle Cheese Knife – Best Double handle cheese knife

The name says it all. It has a double handle – one at each side to accommodate the 15-inch long stainless steel blade. The quality stainless steel build with 2 plastic handles makes sure that the knife is heavy-duty & durable. It is multi-functional as well.

It not only cuts cheese but also suitable for cutting cakes, vegetables, soaps, etc. too. It is razor-sharp & its big blade makes it easier to cut big wheels of cheese.

  • Double handle for double comfort.
  • Stainless steel blade with plastic handle.
  • Big blade makes cutting big wheels of cheese easier.
  • Blade length 15 – inch and 5 – inch plastic handle.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Cheese tends to stick to the surface so it is not completely non-stick.
  • Big knife.

6. Freehawk 4 Pieces Set Cheese Knives – Best wood handle cheese slicer set

This great 4-piece set from Freehawk includes 1 semi-heart Knife for helping you spread cheese more easily, 2 Rectangular ones for a more precise slice & spread of your cheese & finally, 1 prong fork for serving with ease. It’s quality stainless steel ensures they last long.

Each knife is ergonomically designed and in style with easy-grip bamboo handles. The whole set is easy to clean & their lightweight & compact size means they are easy to store as well. And what adds to its glory is that you get all these at a very low price.

  • Cuts, breaks, slice and shave any type of cheese with precision.
  • Suitable for both cutting & Serving
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable easy grip with wood handle.
  • Not as durable as advertised.

7. WÜSTHOF Gourmet Four Piece Cheese Knife and Board Set – Best Cheese knife with cheese board

As you can probably guess from the name – yes, it’s German-made & along comes the typical German superior build quality. This set includes 4.5″ Cheese Knife, 4.75″ Cheese Plane, 5″ Cheese Knife, and a Bamboo Board as well.

They are made with triple-riveted synthetic polypropylene handles that prevent any kind of fading, discoloration or any damage from heat and impact. They are suitable for cutting any kind of cheese whether they are hard or soft.

The soft cheese knife has perforations in the middle for the smooth release of the cheese. The hard cheese knife allows you to cut firm cheese better. And as you would expect this set is crafted to resist any kind of corrosion and dulling meaning they are durable to last a lifetime.

Matching with the durability talk, WÜSTHOF provides a limited lifetime warranty as well. However, it would be a complete package for your kitchen as the best cheese knife.

  • Triple riveted handles ensure longevity while also making sure they are heat & impact resistant.
  • POM Handle with traditional look.
  • Includes Bamboo wood cheese board.
  • Corrosion & dullness resistant stainless steel body also ensure greater durability.
  • Suitable for cutting all kinds of cheese.
  • This really is the perfect cheese knife set as we can’t find any flaws in the knives. The cheese board is a bit less durable itself. But considering the quality of the knives, this set is really worthy of being amongst the best cheese knives.

8. Find Top 8 Pieces cheese tool set – Best 8 pieces cheese knives set as gift

We wouldn’t give it a star on its naming, but it certainly does bring some kinda attention to itself with it. This cheese knife is 8 inches long. It is dishwasher safe as well as heat resistant.

This knife is completely non-stick meaning it keeps the cheese on the plate, not on the knife while also keeping you free from doing extra works.

The knife was originally designed for soft-cheese but it also works well with butter, boiled eggs, cake, or any substance that typically sticks or leaves a residue on ordinary blades making it a true multi-functional knife apart from being a cheese knife also.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Impressive look
  • Lightweight and dishwasher safe
  • May gain rust.

9. WoneNice Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knives Set  

This cheese knife set includes 4 cheese knives, 1 cheese fork, and 1 cheese spreader, meaning you can slice every kind of cheese with this set. It is made of very solid premium food-grade stainless steel with an anti-rust feature which makes sure that the knife set is sturdy & durable.

Its elegant & ergonomic design ensures that it is both stunning to look at & comfortable to use at the same time. The whole set is dishwasher safe. The set comes with a gift box packing so it is always gift-ready.

  • Ergonomic handle design ensures comfortable & good grip of the knives.
  • Lightweight, Sharp & convenient for slicing, spreading and serving soft and hard cheeses.
  • Premium food-grade stainless steel.
  • Single piece stainless steel design of each knife.
  • Durable.
  • Hand-wash only.

10. W&P Cheese Knife – Best Hardwood handle cheese knife set

The finely sharpened edge of this knife cuts cleanly through firm cheeses and the pointed tip of it lets you break pieces off the most hardened aged cheese and spear them for serving.

The multi-purpose design makes slicing & spreading cheese easier than before. The knife consists of polished hardwood, brass riveted, full tang handle that provides a comfortable grip along with durability.

  • Multi-functional.
  • Sharp edge with pointed tip.
  • Polished hardwood handle design.
  • Comfortable & durable handle.
  • Designed to fit for using along with cheese board.
  • Hand-wash only.

Which brand of cheese knife is the best?

Like always, we would like to say again that choosing one brand as the best is very hard & often unfair to some of the others as well. So we are categorizing the cheese knives in our list for your convenience.

Best Budget: –

The LUNAR Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knife Set & the WoneNice Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knives Set are the best budget options featuring in our best cheese knives list.

Best for Hard Cheese: –

The W&P Cheese Knife is the best option for cutting hard cheese.

Best Overall: –

The WÜSTHOF Gourmet Four Piece Cheese Knife and Board Set is the best overall cheese knife featuring in our best cheese knives list.

Types of cheese knives and their usage:

1. Small spade cheese knife set best for hard cheese such as Parmigiano-Reggiano or Parmesan cheese, Castelmagno, Grana Padano.

Pointed anatomy of the knife help you to pick wedges of hard cheeses off the cheese board.

2. Narrow plane knife goes with semi-hard cheeses like Jack, Cheddar or Jarlsberg

3. Soft cheese knife works with the with soft cheeses for your bagnette, also works fine as spreader.

4. Cheese fork use as auxiliary knife to cut or break semi hard or crumbly or aged cheeses.

5. Flat spatula cheese knife uses for semi hard or hard cheese and dividing small wedges.

6. Fork tipped spear or Pronged cheese knife that can be use as multipurpose such as fork and at the same time spear to cut or serve firm cheeses.

7. Open work blade knife that goes with soft but sticky cheese, holes in the blade makes the knife less sticky. Use for soft to semi soft cheeses and ideal for Brie, Camembert & Mozzarella.

8. Gorgonzola knife that use as spreader of creamy soft cheese and cut through cheese rinds.

9. Cheese slicer is works with thin piece of cheese for your breakfast or lunch time sandwich.

Buyer’s guide: Consideration to choose the best cheese knife within budget


You can already see from above that there is a wide price range for the best cheese knives in the market. Everybody needs different things & has different choices but they also have a different set of budgets. So, while suggesting the best cheese knife within budget we have to think about everybody – the ones who want to spend less on these things & save money for other important things or the ones who actually want to spend some fortunes to make their kitchen great. We understand everyone’s thinking & want to provide everyone with the best value for price suggestions for the best cheese knife.

Material & Design:

If you ask What makes a good cheese knife? This is a tough one to answer. How can you be sure of which one of the cheese knives is good? Well, if you take a few things into consideration, you may figure it out yourself.

First of all, make sure what the blade is made of, Premium quality stainless steel blades are best for cutting as well as providing durability.

Then, make sure if the blade is non-stick or not.

You should then take a good look at the handle also. A handle with a sturdy build as well as a comfortable grip is always good to have. Also, check if the handles are heat resistant.

If you want to cut other things than cheese, you should look if they are capable of multi functioning or not.

Overall, if a cheese knife is built with premium quality stainless steel non-stick blade coming with sturdy & comfortable handles offering easy cutting & durability at the same time, you can deem that one as good if not the best cheese knife.

Types & Sizes of Cheese

Types & sizes of cheese are important factors you should not take for granted while you are choosing your next cheese knives for your kitchen or dining.

Purpose of Cheese Knives

There is the countless purpose you going to purchase the cheese knives set other than your daily use. You may consider purchasing new sets of cheese knives for a Special Occasion or for providing Gifts in next Christmas. So be proactive to choose your next set of cheese knives.

Best Cheese Knife Guide
Best Cheese Knife Guide


How does a cheese knife work?

For soft cheese, like Mozzarella or goat cheese, slice the cheese by inserting the pointed end of the cheese knife & then gradually push the blade down towards the surface or the cheese board. You can even moisten the blade of the cheese knife in case the cheese is super soft.

For hard cheese, like Pecorino or Cheddar (matured), keep the cheese knife parallel to the surface & cut it by putting a constant pressure downwards. Cutting hard cheese can seem hard sometimes, so put extra pressure by using two hands, one on the handle & the other on the spine of the blade.

And lastly, in case you are cutting semi-hard cheese like Cheddar or blue cheese or Fontina, keep the cheese knife parallel to the surface & cut it by putting a constant pressure downwards (Basically the same process as the hard one).

What kind of knife is best for cutting the cheese?

There are different knives for different tasks. Some are good for soft cheese, some good for hard or semi-hard & some can cut all kinds. Look at what kind they are before buying.

How do you cut cheese without it sticking to the knife?

Buy one with non stick stainless steel blade – as simple as that. (:p)

Why are cheese knives different shapes?

Because each one has different functions. Some for cutting soft cheese, some are for cutting hard or semi-hard ones, some are for spreading your cheese & some for delivering them to the plate.


Well, that’s it for today. So, now we hope that you’ve read the article thoroughly, compared the best cheese knives in the market & already set upon which one to buy.

Now go out there & bring the best cheese knife or best cheese knives set home & cook delicious dishes with different kinds of cheeses.

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